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Photo : Mar Parey


Contemporary Art Jeweler

Born in Barcelona (1965), Living in Lille (France).

Every jewel is a work of Art. The evolution of the art jewelry clearly shows there is a wish to go beyond the boundaries of traditional jewelry. When jewelry becomes art, the limits disappear, and the jewel-sculpture becomes an independent and timeless work of art, a wearable sculpture that uses the human body as its pedestal.

My workplace is like a laboratory where I like to experiment with new materials and often mixing old and new techniques. I’m always going in thousand of directions, never doing the same, but there is a red thread that links everything.

Since 2010, I explore the heart as main subject of my work, the heart as source of life or death, the heart as the center of emotions.

Education :

– 2006-09, Glass sculpture, Ecole des Beaux Arts (Tournai, Belgium)

– 2006, 3D prototyping, La Industrial (Barcelona, Spain)

– 2005, Stone setting, La Industrial (Barcelona, Spain)

– 2005-06, Haute Joaillerie, La Industrial (Barcelona, Spain)

– 2004-06, Contemporary Art Jewelry, La Industrial (Barcelona, Spain)

– 2003-04, Ceramic sculpture, Ecole Beaux Arts, (Tournai, Belgium)

– 1984-89, Engineering Industrial Design & Graphism, Llotja (Barcelona, Spain)


Exhibitions (solo) :

– 2013, “Lille-Barcelona”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2011, Les Cahiers de l’Imaginaire gallery (Dinard, France)

– 2010, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2008, Sagio Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)


Exhibitions (group) :

– 2022, “Trésors”, Margarida Alado Gallery, Lleida (Spain)

– 2021-22, “Until Death do us part”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Syntra (Brussels Jewellery Week, Brussels, Belgium), Werkstatt gallery (Schmuck Jewelry Week, Munich, Germany), Lalabeyou (Madrid, Spain)

– 2020-21, “Painful Hope”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2020, “Growth & Evolution” (Kunming / Shangai, China)

– 2019-20, “Broken Beauty”, Alliages Galery (Lille, France), Athens Jwelry Week Online

– 2019, “Wearable Pewter”, SNAG (Chicago, USA), Ayse Taki Gallery (Istanbul, Turkey),  Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2019, “Wechselspiel/Interplay”, Pforzheim Galerie (Pforzheim, Germany)

– 2019, “Linked”, Art Course Gallery (Strasbourg,France), French Institute (Joya Off, Barcelona, Spain)

– 2018-19, “Heart Failure”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Werkstatt Gallery (Schmuck Jewelry Week, Munich, Germany),  Bo Cafe (Athens Jewelry Week, Athens, Greece), Lalabeyou Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

– 2018, “Heart beats”, Gallery Elisa Peris (Intramurs Festival, Valencia, Spain)

– 2018, “Tresors”, Centre de Cultura Contemporànea (Melting Point, Valencia, Spain), Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2017-18, “Chaos”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Werkstatt Gallery (Schmuck Jewelry Week, Munich, Germany), La Galeler Gallery (Sevilla, Spain), Lalabeyou gallery (Madrid, Spain)

– 2016, “Winks of Spain”, Sagio Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

– 2015-16, “Most Excellent – Jewellery, Art for Heores”, Schmuck_Kunst für Helden (Chemnitz, Germany)

– 2015, “Transmission”, 411 Gallery (Montpelier, France)

– 2011, “Winks of Spain”, Malle Gallery (Ebisu-Tokyo, Japan), Calvo y Mayayo Gallery (Zaragoza, Spain)

– 2009, “Winks of Spain”, Malle Gallery, Ebisu-Tokyo (Japan)


Exhibitions as curator :

– 2023, “Missing Memories”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Werkstatt Gallery (Schmuck Jeelry Week, Munich, Germany)

– 2021-22, “Until Death do us part”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

-2021, “Precious Online Jewellery Week, Emerging Talents” with Precious Collective, worlwide online event

– 2021, “Precious Things in Time of Uncertainty” with Precious Collective, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Radiant pavillion biennal (Melbourne, Australia).

– 2020-21, “Painful Hope”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2019-20, “Broken Beauty”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France), Schmuck 2020 (Munich, Germany), Melting Point (Valencia, Spain), Jewelry Week (Athens, Greece)

– 2019, “Legacy”, Museum of Contemporary Jewelry “Espace Solidor”, Cagnes-sur-Mer (France)

– 2018-19, “Heart Failure”, Alliages (Lille, France), Schmuck 2019 (Munich, Germany), Jewelry week (Athens, Greece), Lalabeyou gallery (Madrid, Spain)

– 2017-18, “Chaos”, Alliages (Lille, France), Schmuck 2018 (Munich, Germany), La Galleler Gallery (Sevilla, Spain), Lalabeyou gallery (Madrid, Spain)

– 2016, “Lost Paradise”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2015, “A Dark spark of light”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2014-17, “Empreintes”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2014, “Paralel Worlds”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2013, “La Cour des Miracles”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)

– 2012, “Bulles”, Alliages Gallery (Lille, France)


Exhibitions as Juror :

– 2022, “Enjoia’t award”, FAD Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

– 2021, “Contemporary Art Jewelry Award”, Backyard Arte Gallery, Simancas, Valladolid (Spain)

– 2021, “Shape of Nature”, DBC International Designer Space, Beijing (China)

– 2018, “Mend: Work created by Feminism”, New York Jewelry Week, New York (USA)

Lectures/Talks :

– 2019, “Work with a gallery”, Benaki Museum (Athens Jewelry Week, Athens, Greece)

– 2016, “A jewel history, back to the future”, Benaki Museum (Athens Jewelry Week, Athens, Greece)

– 2016, “Alliages”, ESAD (Melting Point,  Valencia, Spain)

– 2015, “Alliages”, (Athens Jewelry Week, Athens, Greece)

Publications :

– 2020, “Wechselspiel”, Verlag

– 2019, “Legacy collection”, Cagnes-sur-Mer Contemporary Jewelry Museum “Espace Solidor”

– 2016, “Most excellent”, Arnoldsche art publishers

– 2012, “500 beaded”, Lark Books

Publications as curator/maker/editor :

– 2019, Catalog “Legacy” at Cagnes-sur-Mer Contemporary Jewelry Museum “Espace Solidor”

– 2015-19, Catalogs 2015, 2016 & 2019 for the “Legacy” Award

Other :

– Coach and Jury for Art Jewelry diploma in school at Institut de Bijouterie, Saumur (2021)

– Member of jury for Art Jewelry diplomas in school AFEDAP, Paris (2012, 2013 & 2014)

– Founder of Alliages non-profit organization for Contemporary Art Jewelry in 2009 :

Updated November 2022